Our Dog Training Philosophy

Our training philosophy is an extension of our ideals of Care, Commitment and Compassion. Using positive reinforcement and other science-based dog training methods, we employ a holistic approach that allows for open-mindedness, flexibility, and creativity when working with the dogs that come through our doors.

Our goal for any pet coming into Valley Veterinary Hospital for dog training is not only for the dog to be trained, but to allow the relationship between dog and parent(s) to to flourish, and reach it's fullest potential. Whether it is behavior modification, or making sure your dog has proper guidelines, boundaries and limits, the intention of our training is focused on creating a deeper understanding of dogs through education, so pet parents feel empowered and have the knowledge to work with their dog in a manner that will help them live their best balanced life.

Private Training Sessions

Valley Veterinary Hospital offers private training sessions to all clients. Before our trainer engages in lessons with you and your pup they will schedule a free 30 minute training consult to discuss your needs for training. Training programs can vary in length of time and number of sessions suggested, and are custom designed according to the needs and wants of the dog and it's parents.

Socialization Sessions

Valley Veterinary Hospital offers socialization sessions to all clients. These are assessed on a case by case basis, and a custom plan is designed for you and your dog. Socialization sessions begin with an Evaluation and consult much like how we would assess your dog for dog daycare.  From there, our trainer will come up with a plan based on your dogs current level of socialization and with your end goals in mind. We typically recommend 3-5 sessions, once a week, with a reassessment at the end of session 5.

Vaccine Requirements

To partake in training services we require up to date vaccines on the following:

Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella and CIV.

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What sets us apart?

Valley Veterinary Hospital was started in 1996 by Dr. Lindsay Shreiber with one goal in mind - to treat every animal that walks through our doors with Care, Commitment and Compassion. Dr. Shreiber is a skilled animal behaviorist, having studied at Wolfpark, and believes in treating every animal as a whole, and each situation uniquely. With our expanded facility and services Dr. Shreiber is proud to be able to offer numerous new beneficial services to clients, including dog training, to be able to take care of client needs in a well rounded holistic and science based approach.

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Private Training vs Behavioral Modification

Private training sessions are offered by availability during office hours.

Before our trainer starts any private lessons with you and your dog, they offer a free consultation to understand your needs and goals for training, as well as the issues you may be experiencing at home or in public.

If a Behavior Modification plan is suggested, this is done in coordination between our trainer and our veterinarians, to come up with the best course of action for your pup regardless of the issue that may exist, and a custom designed course of action will be made for tackling the specific unwanted issues at hand.

Behavior Modification approaches issues such as reactive behaviors, separation anxiety, resource guarding and beyond.

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