1. Our little piggie Cookie had a fall last night. It was so easy to get an appointment to get her looked at. Dr. Shreiber was very patient in examining her. The office staff and assistants are also very compassionate people. Thank you for making our little Cookie feel better.

    Nick D.
  2. I have been going to Valley Vet since 1998. I have always had great care with all of the vets. Dr. Shreiber has always been wonderful to the dogs, and always has extensive knowledge. He is always gentle and caring. And I have a new great rapport with Dr. O. She is delightful and straightforward about care, which is very important. I never feel that these doctors are dumbing things down for me, which is truly appreciated as I have 45 years of experience with sight hounds.

    Mary K.
  3. We absolutely love our vets here!!!! We have a 4 year old American Bully and a 10 week old pit mix and they ADORE all the staff at Valley Vet!!! The staff are welcoming, loving, kind, attentive and thorough! We absolutely LOVE Valley Vet Hospital

    Sammy J.
  4. We love this place and last night was not any different. Doctors are amazing and the staff makes you feel comfortable. Most importantly my kitty is feeling better today!!! Yea!!! Thank you!!!

    Kristie M.
  5. Thank you all for your wonderful support and care of my beloved Lilly. You made her and I so comfortable as we said good-bye. It’s never easy to let go of your pet, but even though my heart was breaking you took great care of her. I don’t know how you do what you do, but I appreciate more than you’ll ever know.

    Jennifer A.
  6. I couldn't be more pleased with Valley Vet. From the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out, you know you are in great hands. Highly recommend VVH to anyone I meet!

    Stephanie W.
  7. I LOVE Valley Vet! They are always there for our pets and us too! We are proud to be Dr. Shreiber's 7th customer!!! They "GET" it there! All of them! We cannot thank everyone at Valley Vet enough for everything!!!!!

    Lori A.
  8. Always a great experience. I was here yesterday after my dog was bitten by another dog and they took her back right away and eased my mind that it was only a minor flesh wound.

    Amy P.
  9. The most knowledgeable vet we ever had. They do not push treatment on you, they work with you and the main priority is your pet.

    Gloria D.
  10. I've been taking my dog here for over a year now and this vet is way better than the one I used before. Staff is very nice and courteous. They take the time to explain things and follow up with if necessary.

    Donna B.
  11. Last spring Amy Wilson and her husband, Mike Sheehan, adopted a young cat from a local animal shelter. They named him Nigel and fell in love with the black cat who quickly made himself at home. Even their 15-year-old cat, Tally, soon welcomed the playful new addition. So when he came down with a high fever in July, Amy and Mike brought Nigel to Valley Veterinary Hospital. “They were running tests all through the weekend,” remembers Amy. “I would get updates from Dr. Shreiber several times a day and they even let us come in on the weekend to visit him.” Nigel had contracted Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) a viral disease of cats caused by certain strains of a virus called the feline coronavirus. There is no simple diagnostic test for FIP and, sadly, no treatment. “FIP is a syndrome in which an individual cat’s genetics cause a mutation of a mostly routine virus,” says Dr. Shreiber. “The combination of the virus and the patient’s immune response then develop into severe disease. Often times, veterinarians can only suspect FIP, to have it confirmed only as signs and symptoms of the disease progress.” The couple had to make the painful decision to have Nigel euthanized. “It was traumatic,” says Amy. “The Valley Vet staff was with us through all of it. They were really great.” “Families like Amy and Mike’s,” says Dr. Shreiber, “inspire us to do what we do. Our staff recognizes that our patients are some of the most important parts of people’s lives.” Even though he had only been with them for a few short months, they had bonded with Nigel. But Amy and Mike were open to adopting another cat. Now Milo, adopted from Main Line Animal Rescue, is sharing their home and helping them heal. Milo, also a black domestic short hair cat, likes to roll on his back and beg for a belly rub. “We don’t have kids,” says Amy. “These guys are our kids.” Amy and Mike say they love the fact they live just a few short blocks from Valley Veterinary. If Milo or their senior cat, Tally, feels under the weather, Amy is quick to check in with the staff. She orders prescription cat food there, too. “It’s so convenient to have them right up the street,” she says. “They are always willing to take my calls and talk me through any questions I have,” she says. “They are wonderful.”

    Amy W.
  12. I recommend valley veterinary's training staff to any pet owner who wants to improve their pet caring skills. We look forward to engaging with him routinely to keep our skills and relationships strong. I can truly say they saved my family. Thank you for offering an incredibly valuable service.

    Valerie L.   
  13. We truly feel like their trainer cares about each dog as a whole and not just getting them to obey. His approach to training is completely different than any other trainer we have talked to.

    Lindsay T.
  14. I can absolutely say that the trainer at valley veterinary hospital is responsible for helping me save my dog’s life. I know I can always reach out to them for help. They have been an amazing support for our family and has made it possible for us to live a happy comfortable life with our crazy little dog. And I know that as other things arise in the future, I have someone to turn to. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is having problems with their dog, or even those who aren’t! They helped me to feel so much more in control and has made my dog a happier pup for it.

    Ellis A.
  15. I must say that Valley Veterinary Hospital is top notch! The staff is very friendly and the facility is amazing. The Veterinarian, Katherine Grove was exceptional. 

    Georgia K.
  16. I have been coming to Valley Vet for 16 years, first with my first cat Kenzo and now my new cat Punkie. Every visit has been friendly and professional. Dr. Shreiber and all of the staff have always been so caring with every visit and do everything they can to make sure I understand everything regarding my cat`s health and their well being.

    Leeanne S.
  17. Always a great experience. Very caring and professional staff. Takes a personal interest in your pet. Highly recommend!

    David F.