Dog Accommodations

  • Toy Suite

  • Regular Suite

  • Large Suite

  • Family Suite

  • Family Deluxe Suite

* 50% discount for additional dog in suite

We can provide house food at no additional cost.

Medications must be provided by guardians in their original bottles with the original instructions.

Our facility features a food prep kitchen and can provide food from home at pet parents' directions. Please note we can not cook any raw ingredients. If your pet requires cooked food please provide it prepared so we can give them their needed diet appropriately. 

Activities to Suit Every Need

Every pet is unique and deserves a tailored boarding experience. To suit their needs, we offer the following activities:

  • Group play at daycare

  • TLC time (quiet time alone with a staff member or plenty of snuggles and belly rubs)

  • Tailored one-on-one play (intensive play time with dedicated staff)

  • Outdoor walks

  • Bed time tuck-ins

  • Email and photo updates at request

  • Daily gourmet snack of choice at snack time with a scheduled nap

    • Peanut butter, rice and carrot stuffed Kong

    • Chicken, pumpkin and rice stuffed Kong

    • Doggy ice cream

All activities are included in the price of your dog's stay; you may mix and match as many as you like! You will not be nickel-and-dimed for care taking, walks, feeding, activities and fun!

We do activities in the morning and evening with a nap in-between. We will never leave your dog kenneled all day! All pets will receive a treat of choice at midday nap time between morning and afternoon activity sessions, and a nighttime tuck-in. We also offer daily email, photos, and report card updates upon request.

We have a total of seven play areas, a mixture of indoor and outdoor spaces, some featuring paws soft flooring and K9 grass, as well as a dedicated TLC room for our caregivers to cuddle up with your pet for pampering.

Requirements For Boarding

For the well-being of all our guests, we have several requirements before your pet will be allowed to stay with us. These include:

  • Required: Up-to-date vaccinations including rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, canine flu (CIV) for dogs;

  • Negative fecals for all puppies

  • Recommended: Up-to-date on all parasite prevention including heartworms, fleas, and ticks*

*If fleas or any other parasites are found on your pet, we will treat them and add the charge to your boarding bill.

Dog Boarding Add-Ons

Daycare Group Play

Does your dog come to our dog daycare? Sign up for this group play activity during their boarding stay and they will get to come play with their friends while at their extended stay with us. If you are a pass holder this will not count against your pass count. $28/day value and included in the price of boarding. Has your dog not had an evaluation yet? Sign up for an evaluation during your dog's boarding stay and be daycare ready when they go home!

Shy dog group play

The perfect activity for dogs who love to socialize but get overwhelmed by large groups or long periods of playtime. Shy dog group play includes frequent nap times and a highly curated group of friends for your dog to play with based on an assessment of their temperament, personality, and playstyle. Dogs who wish to participate in shy dog group play will also need to receive an evaluation. After their boarding stay our shy dogs are welcome to come back for daycare at any time and will be given smaller increments of play and frequent nap times in our dedicated naptime breakroom for dogs.

Evaluation for Daycare

For dogs to participate in our dog daycare setting we require that they receive an evaluation of their temperament, personality, and playstyle. You can sign up for an Evaluation during your boarding stay to participate in any of our group play activities. If your dog passes the evaluation process they are welcome back to come to our dog daycare any time Monday through Friday and can participate in any group play activities automatically in the future $28 value included in the price of the boarding stay.

Socialization activities

This option is a wonderful activity option for dogs who are under socialized, and may not have much exposure to other dogs or sensory exposures outside of their home. In this socialization experience our skilled boarding and daycare team members will create the foundations to help your dog build confidence. At the end of your dogs stay you will be sent a training assessment from our trainer through our pet portal.

One-on-One play time

This activity is for those dogs who love toy time and love attention from people! A great option for dogs who may not enjoy the daycare setting or did not pass their evaluation so they will still get plenty of outdoor time, enrichment, and fun! All dogs are welcome to sign up for this choice of playtime, and we invite our furry friends to come join our staff for fun games of tug, fetch, jolly ball, and much more!

Outdoor walks

Our dogs get 4 outdoor relief walks a day, but if your dog particularly likes long leisurely walks to sniff and explore then this is an excellent option for them. Add this activity for extended walks in our spacious outdoor areas.

Snuggle time

Sign up for some TLC time and have your dog snuggle up with one of our team members in our cozy couch room complete with lots of belly rubs.

Snack time

Choose from frozen peanut butter stuffed Kongs, or a selection of doggy ice creams: Mint, Cheese, or Peanut Butter.