“The best part of having a veterinarian who knows your family … they take it as their personal responsibility to care for my dog and making sure she gets the best life possible.”

– Kristin DePolo, Chester County, PA

Amber is a nine-year-old hunting Golden Retriever. Different from the American Show Goldens, the hunting Golden is somewhat heartier and savors its time in the outdoors. Dr. Shreiber has cared for Amber since Kristin DePolo first brought her in as a patient at 6 weeks old. “As she has grown, her requirements have changed,” says Kristin. Although she was a fussy eater as a puppy, she has evolved into the well trained (and well fed) family darling. Her favorite snacks include pizza and peanut butter.

“Dr. Shreiber caught on very quickly that this dog was like my child,” says Kristin. “He remembers every detail, not just of my dog’s life, but my family’s life, too.”

The bond between Amber and Kristin is strong. When Kristin was pregnant, Amber would rest her head on Kristin’s stomach and follow her around the house. The family lives on top of Valley Forge Mountain and they often walk the 20 acres of woods that surround their home. More than once, Amber has protected Kristin and her two young sons from coyotes on the property, says Kristin. Exercise and excellent care have kept Amber very healthy up until this August when she had to undergo surgery to repair a torn ACL. Playful and adventurous, Amber romps with the kids and likely tore it while chasing a ball. Although Dr. Shreiber is trained in multiple techniques for knee surgery, he referred Amber to the capable staff of Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital for the best available surgeon and procedure. “It was never a question that Amber, with her lifestyle, needed to return to an extremely high level of activity,” says Dr. Shreiber. “We discussed all options and different types of procedures and decided that Metropolitan could provide the best services for Amber’s surgery.”

Kristin counted on Valley Veterinary for the best advice. “Dr. Shreiber knew even though she was nine, she was still very active and that having surgery would help her maintain her active life,” she says. “That is the best part of having a veterinarian who knows your family.” In the days that followed Amber’s surgery, Kristin and her husband, Jeff, received regular phones calls from the staff at Valley Veterinary Hospital. “They take it as their personal responsibility to care for my dog and making sure she gets the best life possible,” says Kristin. “We love Dr. Shreiber. He jumps through a lot of hoops and has a lot of patience with me. Most importantly, I know he loves my dog, so I will always trust him to do what is best for her and my family.”