These baby rabbits were dropped off at our office Monday morning.

Please share this ‘nature note’ with your neighbors. Though it is not uncommon to come across wildlife while doing yard work, generally the best practice is to leave them alone.

“While baby rabbits may appear abandoned, the opposite is usually true,” says Dr. Shreiber. “The mother rabbit nurses babies for only a short time, at most several hours a day. Since she cannot defend them against predators, they are kept hidden, safe, and protected from dehydration from the sun in their hidden nests.”

Though we know intentions are good, it is best to leave baby rabbits alone. This is often their best chance for survival. If you do find wildlife, or have questions, call our office and we can direct you to best organization. These little cuties were brought to the Schuylkill Wildlife Center in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia and are doing fine.