“I connected with animals at a very early age,” says Andi Winnemore, a lifelong resident of the Wayne, PA area. “I always knew I wanted to work with animals and was always taking care of my own pets as well as my friends’ pets.”

After years as a dedicated veterinary assistant, Andi now owns and runs a thriving pet care business. Andi has known Dr. Lindsay Shreiber for 22 years. She first worked with Dr. Shreiber as a veterinary assistant in Radnor and then helped him when he opened his own practice at Valley Veterinary in 1996.

Dr. Shreiber believes it’s important that clients understand his approach to the care of their pet, she says.

When Angel the orange tabby cat was sick, Andi brought her into Valley Veterinary. An exam showed the cause might be inflammatory bowel disease. Angel was given a new diet and medications to ease the discomfort. Andi brought Angel home and soon got busy with work. “When Dr. Shreiber hadn’t heard from me in a few days, he called to follow up and see how Angel was responding,” says Andi. “He takes that personal interest and caring,” says Andi. “I know he extends that same care to all his clients and their pets.”