Architecture Design and Safety of Valley Veterinary Hospital in Phoenixville, PA

Our new Veterinary Hospital Building in Phoenixville with its goal to provide compassionate care and services include Airlock Gates, High Fences and Ramps as part of the building architecture design and safety.

High Fences

high-fencesThe importance of high fencing, for the protection of your pets, cannot be overstated. Fences prevent your pets from being in uncontrolled areas where they may roam into roadways, interact with wild animals or even be the targets of theft. At Valley Veterinary Hospital, we understand that the health and protection of your pet is our highest priority. Our new building is fully equipped with fencing high enough to contain your pet to our safe, supervised outdoor spaces. Whether you're boarding your pet with us, enrolled in our Dog Daycare, or using any of our clinic or grooming services, your pet will enjoy a safe outdoor experience. High fencing keeps your pets secure from potentially dangerous, disease-carrying wild animals and malicious individuals, while preventing access to hazardous areas, like roads and parking lots. Our core values or care, commitment and compassion are reflected in the design and attention to detail of our new building. Having high fences is just a small part of providing a safe and secure environment for your pets, and for ensuring your peace of mind.


rampsOur pets often have difficulty with steps. Elderly pets and some smaller breeds, especially, have trouble navigating steps, requiring you to lift and carry them up and down stairs. Lifting and carrying pets can introduce its own problems with larger breeds. Here at Valley Veterinary Hospital, we have installed throughout our facility to ease your, and your pets', visit. Ramps, in general, are important for long-term pet health. Studies have shown repeated stress of leaping can cause injury to joints and spine. Additionally, repetitive jumping and unnecessary strain can exacerbate existing joint conditions. The force of leaping and can also encourage the natural hereditary joint problems many breeds have, but all dogs can suffer from injuries and musculoskeletal problems with regular wear and tear of the joints. This includes elbow or hip dysplasia and painful arthritic problems like osteoarthritis.

Airlock Gates

airlock-gatesAn airlock gate is, simply, a series of two gates where the second gate will not open until the first gate is closed so there is never a barrier-free route between two areas. This type of dual gating prevents any feisty pets from making an escape while someone is entering (or exiting) the facility, while providing a transition space for you and your pet. Using airlock gates is just one of the details that exemplifies Valley Veterinary Hospital's commitment to the health and safety of your pet. Containing your pet in safe, controlled spaces is key to their safety. Airlock gates will keep even the most escape-minded pet from succeeding.