Dr. Lindsay Shreiber

Practice Owner and Medical Director

Dr. Shreiber received his veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. In addition to his veterinary degree, he holds an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering. His mission at Valley Veterinary Hospital is providing the best care to pets and educating owners on excellent healthcare practices. “We celebrate the bond between our clients and their pets,” says Dr. Shreiber. “Helping our dogs, cats, and other patients remain healthy family members is our passion.”

After his undergraduate training and during veterinary school, Dr. Shreiber developed a keen interest in animal behavior which developed into an externship at Wolfpark, a 75-acre facility in Indiana. Dr. Shreiber learned under the tutelage of the late Dr. Erich Klinghammer, a professor of ethology (animal behavior) at Purdue University and founder of Wolfpark. The hands-on experience he had studying wolf behavior was invaluable.

“All veterinarians need to know anatomy, physiology, medicine, and surgery, but we all are called to this field because we love animals,” says Dr. Shreiber. “In order to care for them medically, we need to understand them!” Dr. Shreiber founded Valley Veterinary Hospital with the intention of bringing the breadth of his education to each and every case he approaches. "Our pets are some of the most important parts of our lives," says Dr. Shreiber. "They are crucial members of our support system helping us to thrive every day." He is dedicated to taking care of that portion of his clients’ lives. Dr. Shreiber’s medical interests are general medicine and surgery cases, ultrasound, puppy and kitten care, older animal care, dentistry, and behavior.

An ongoing component of the practice is his commitment to working with local rescue groups. At your next Valley Veterinary Hospital appointment, you may meet Gracie and Minnie, his two rescued greyhounds. Dr. Shreiber fell in love with greyhounds when he adopted Mickey, his first greyhound, who introduced him to the grace and beauty exhibited by the breed as well as the intuitive way in which greyhounds interact with people. The Shreiber family includes two dogs, four cats, and two chinchillas.